Dikshant Patel - President

Dikshant Patel is a current employee with Oregon Department of Transportation as a Lead Technical Architect. Mr. Patel has been in the USA since 2000, when he arrived as a student at the Illinois State University. Having actively participated in the South Asian Students Association in the University as well as the Indian Association for the McLean County in Illinois, Mr. Patel enjoys the diversity and loves to share the cultural wealth of the Indian Subcontinent with all. A resident of Salem since 2004, Mr. Patel has been actively participating in various cultural events in Salem and Portland area too. While not working or volunteering for the INDUS duties, Mr. Patel also is an active board member of a Portland based sport league called the Portland Metro Open Cricket League. Apart from the obvious love for cricket and cultural activities  Mr. Patel likes Volleyball, Basketball and enjoys any outdoor activities whenever the Northwestern Weather relents.