Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I Volunteer for various events ?

Please click here to register. An INDUS officer shall contact you for any volunteer opportunities as they arise.

INDUS Membership FAQs

1. Who can be an INDUS Member?

Any person with roots in India and/or interest in Indian culture is eligible to become a member and participate in the organization’s activities.

2. How can I be an INDUS Member?

Please send your interest to IndusOregon@gmail.com

3. What is the cost of Annual Membership?

There is not fees to become the member of INDUS. However, INDUS is a Non-Profit organization that operates sponsors, and donations. Please donate to help us continue running. You can donate using this button or email us if you are interested in sponsoring our activities: If you prefer to send donations through mail, please mail them at:


4. I am a business interested in placing an Advertisement in the INDUS directory?

Please visit our sponsorship page for more information.

5. How do I get information about your events?

INDUS Web site is regularly updated with upcoming events information. We also send the upcoming events information via email and mail.